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If this is your first step in considering whether Sessen Ryu Karate is right for you, let us answer some of your questions.

What is karate?

Karate is a system of self protection where practitioners learn to use techniques such as blocking, kicking, punching, striking, grappling and seizing.  We can practise these against partners or on our own in the form of kata (set forms of movements).

Why Sessen Ryu Karate?

Sessen Ryu Karate embraces the techniques of Okinawan, Japanese, Chinese and modern systems of combat.  These are not a batch of random techniques strung together, but they are taught and practised in a structured manner enabling the student to practise in all areas of distances found in the realms of combat

Who is it for?

Many people see karate simply as a fighting art.  While we learn to spar (controlled use of fighting techniques) this is only a small part of our training routines.  We work on flexibility, stamina, endurance, fighting fitness, body toning as well as the mental requirements of self discipline and mental endurance.  


Karate is suitable for children and adults alike.  It is ideal for anyone who likes to meet and work with training partners, learn new skills and achieve personal goals.  Karate is a very diverse form of physical activity which allows people to train from childhood to old age and yet constantly be learning and seeking to perfect skills.  

Do I need to be fit?

Fitness is an important aspect of karate.  Initially many people begin training to improve their fitness.  You will not be expected to undergo overly vigorous exercise unless you specifically want to!  Your fitness should be a personal goal.  We find that our students overall fitness gradually improves as they get used to the physical routines of the class. 

What if I have an existing inury?

We train people of all ages. There are few individuals who haven't sufered from injury, joint stiffness or pains at some stage of their adult life.  So long as your instructor is aware of any injuries or weakness, then your training will be adapted to avoid stress on that particular area.

Will I enjoy karate?

At Sessen Ryu we aim to make martial arts accessible to all.  While we have dojo rules and ettiquette for safety reasons, we acknowledge that training should be enjoyable to allo students to reach their personal targets.  Our students leave the dojo (training hall) feeling positive.  This is because they have done their best - not to defeat an opponent but to better themselves and attain their own goals.

Pitsea DojoEversley Centre, Pitsea

Basildon DojoBarstable Club, Basildon

Stanford DojoMethodist Hall, Stanford

Corringham Pegasus club Pegasus Club, Corringham

Corringham ETUFC   ETUFC Corringham

Horndon on the Hill Village Hall, HOH

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