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Sessen Ryu Karate traces its origins back to 1972 when its principle instructors began training in Stanford Le Hope.  The Dojo as part of an Association known as the Essex Martial Arts Group.  The group had a section for karate, kung fu and Goshin Jitsu.  With such a variety of arts it made for a good cross section of training which broadened students knowledge and outlook.


In 1983 the term Sessen Ryu was adopted meaning hand to hand or close quarter style.

 Back row left Alan Jones, Dave Nash, Pete Waldock, Phil Jones, Jim McAllister, Tony Childs, Albie O'Connor, Bernie Helm, Oz Ozman.  Front row left Shaunn Watts, Phil Hibbert, Peter Fox, Dave Stadalink, Mark Garland.  Photo circa 1980

Friday night Blackbelt class in Pitsea circa 1986 after a sweaty session


Pictured back row left  Jim McAllister, Phil Hibbert, John Hannen, Pete Waldock, Terry Mayhew. Front row Albie O'Connor, Mick Griffin, Mick Christmas and Phil Jones

Whilst we like to keep the traditions of karate alive and take great interest in researching and training in the historical aspects of our art, we recognise the value of input from other martial arts.


Throughout the years we have hosted and attended seminars ranging from traditional karate by visiting senior Japanese, to World Champion kickboxers, grapplers and internationally renowned practitioners of martial arts from around the globe.

Training with Higoanna Sensei 1986

With Tomiyama Sensei

With Takamizawa Sensei


"SUPERFOOT" Bill Wallace Seminar (Hosted by Sensei Jim McAllister)  

John Longstreet kickboxing seminar hosted by Sensei jim McAllister

The year we won first place for dodgy haircuts


The United Service Club ...original Honbu dojo (aka the Wooden Hut) shortly beofre its demolition.

Pitsea DojoEversley Centre, Pitsea

Basildon DojoBarstable Club, Basildon

Stanford DojoMethodist Hall, Stanford

Corringham Pegasus club Pegasus Club, Corringham

Corringham ETUFC   ETUFC Corringham

Horndon on the Hill Village Hall, HOH

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