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As part of our training we spend time increasing fitness, flexibility, balance, speed and power.  Padowrk is an integral part of our training. We find that adults and children alike benefit from practising their techniques on pads.  For children it is an ideal way of burning off energy, while adults find it a great way of combating stress and aggression.

Belt system


We have 10 belts in our system ranging from white to Black belt.  Children are also awarded belt tabs between grades to recognise their continuing improvement in reaching proficiency at blocks, strikes, kicks and stances and kata.

In addition to learning karate techniques and kata, self defence and sparring, students also learn to show respect for themselves, their environment and each other.  We consider it important that students of all ages find karate to be not just a form of self defence, but also self-improvement which will last them a life-time.

Pitsea DojoEversley Centre, Pitsea

Basildon DojoBarstable Club, Basildon

Stanford DojoMethodist Hall, Stanford

Corringham Pegasus club Pegasus Club, Corringham

Corringham ETUFC   ETUFC Corringham

Horndon on the Hill Village Hall, HOH

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