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Traditional Okinawan Kobudo (weapons training) is taught at our Sunday Eversley Class 11am on Sundays.  We have a sructured syllabus up to Black Belt and beyond.


In Okinawa the home of karate, karate and kobudo are usually taught alongside each other.   We offer kobudo as as optional extra as not so many people are familiar with the concept of training with weapons.  However, as with karate we train for our own self improvement and to enjoy the martial art rather than to fight others....we apply the same principles to kobudo.


Junior kobudo gradng
A selection of kobudo weapons

Pitsea DojoEversley Centre, Pitsea

Basildon DojoBarstable Club, Basildon

Stanford DojoMethodist Hall, Stanford

Corringham Pegasus club Pegasus Club, Corringham

Corringham ETUFC   ETUFC Corringham

Horndon on the Hill Village Hall, HOH

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