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September/October 2015 Training in Okinawa and Japan


In our latest training trip to Japan and Okinawa, we spent time training in Kobudo with Kinjo Sensei in his Naha Dojo.  Sensei Albie O'Conor first trained with Kinjo Sensei in 1998 and it is always a privilege to be able to return.


2015 Kinjo Sensei dojo.



1998 Kinjo Sensei dojo.



Kinjo Sensei.



Group Selfie at Fukushen Gardens, Naha, Okinawa Sensei Albie O'Connor, Jill O'Connor and Dennis Roof joined by Sensei Steve Quinn (Ni Sen Karate), Sensei Jim Reece (Kaizen Martial Arts) and Kaizen black belt Hanya Kowalczuk      ..... and not forgetting Sensei Jim's lovely wife Julie.   

Budokan, Naha, always very hot training.


Training with Hokama Sensei at his dojo.  Always a font of knowledge.

Training with Sensei Joe Swift at his Mushinkan Tokyo Dojo


Bodukan training

Slide show of our previous visits to Okinawa and Japan.......(some of photos bit blurry as we had to get them from our old website)

Pitsea DojoEversley Centre, Pitsea

Basildon DojoBarstable Club, Basildon

Stanford DojoMethodist Hall, Stanford

Corringham Pegasus club Pegasus Club, Corringham

Corringham ETUFC   ETUFC Corringham

Horndon on the Hill Village Hall, HOH

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